Paula Carbon

My name is Paula and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am not married and do not have children although my friends who are constantly Yelling at their kids to put that down and not hit their sibling are telling me I should really try it out… How old is too old to have kids??? HA! I live with my Boyfriend Hansel and our 2 Dogs Hercules & Phoebe. I have a full time job and I...
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Meriah Hamlin

Hi Everyone,   My name is Meriah and I hail from Eugene, Oregon! I am the stay at home mother of two beautiful children. Together with my other half Jay, We have a beautiful eleven year old daughter Jolene, and a handsome two year old son Colton. We live on one acre with our two pooches and one cat. I love living in the country but man is it work!     A little...
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