Berry Special Name

"Hay There!!"

When my mother was 9 months along in her pregnancy, she went berry picking in a large strawberry patch.  Being so close to her due date, her friends razzed her and suggested that if I were a girl, I should be named "Strawberry Patch Hatch."  Well, I (Dawn of Sunnyside Up) was a girl–only I came in her 10th month!   What a "Sweet Pea" I turned out to be! haha.  My parents simply "Showered with Love" all the attention in the world on me.  (Okay, so as I teen, I probably didn't feel that way…but now, my mom and I are "Best Buds.")   I have always loved that  Strawberry Picking story…and strawberries!  (Probably b/c of that story.)  So…I was really happy to get this cutting file to make an adorable Strawberry Trio Basket! It is an "udderly adorable" gift basket!


Make all your sunmer project "berry special" by adding a sentiment from Pink by Design!  I know you will have "Loads of Fun" with these stamps.  This phrase comes from "Country Living."   There are many knee slapping punnies in that set! (In fact, if you haven't figured it out by now, the quoted phrases are just some of what you will get in the Country Living set!)


"sMOOches" from Dawn

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