Our Stamps

Pink By Design clear stamps are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality photopolymer material. Our clear stamps are designed according to print industry standards to resist yellowing, to carry and transfer ink sharply, and should last a lifetime with proper care. They are also latex-free and contain no known ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment.

These clear stamps will normally stay sticky and adhere to the blocks for years. If they do happen to lose their tack, simply clean them with clear stamp cleaner or you may wash them with soap and water.

More on Clear Stamps

Clear acrylic stamps save you money! Your clear stamps are typically purchased in sets rather than singly, making them more economical than your traditional wooden rubber stamps. Only one set of stamping blocks is ever needed for all your clear acrylic stamps making your stamping hobby even more affordable.

Clear hobby rubber stamps are flexible! Unlike their wood mounted counterpart, clear stamps can be bent to form curves out of otherwise straight elements. One of my favorite uses of this technique allows me to stamp trees swaying in the wind rather than straight rigid trunks. It is also fun and easy to bend borders to fit scrapbooking ideas with wavy curves.

Clear acrylic rubber stamps are so simple to store and care for. Your clear stamps are so easy to maintain, store and transport as both the clear rubber stamps and the acrylic blocks are lightweight. There is no adhesive required as each stamp is designed to self adhere to the acrylic stamping blocks. Stamps that get dirty can easily restore their self adhesive qualities with a simple wash in soapy water.

Clear stamps give you such an incredible advantage that you will find them a GREAT ASSETto your rubber stamping hobby.

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