Stamp of the Month FAQ

What is Pink by Design’s Angel Policy?
We allow crafters who individually hand make finished items for resale to use our designs as long as the quantity manufactured or sold of any given design is handmade and does not exceed 200 pieces. If possible, please credit ‘Pink by Design Stamps’ somewhere on each creation. We do not allow our designs to be used in any type of mass manufacturing process, whether this be via mechanical, photographic or handmade means. When sharing your work on the internet in galleries, message boards, etc., please link to our website, or so others can find our great products. :)
How do you ship my stamps to me?
We send them via the US Post Office, First Class. We’ve found this method to be the most economical and pretty fast. It usually takes up to ten working days to get your stamps to you, in the US, (Canada and International can take up to four weeks) but most times, it’s quicker! And the price! You can’t beat our shipping prices!
How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated in the Pink by Design Store where we ship internatinally. International shipping varies. Please add an item to your shopping cart and you will be given a shipping amount.
How do I change my address on file?
Please sign into your account in the Pink by Design Store to change your old address and your new address. Your information will change automatically. Please note: we need your new information by the 20th of the month for the next month’s Stamp of the Month Shipment. Also, make sure you change your information on file with Paypal for Special Release orders.
I want to become a Stamp of the Month Member…what are the benefits?
Well, the best benefit is that you’ll be saving a boat load on stamps! You can’t beat that! Pink by Design Stamp of the Month members also receive Limited Edition and Exclusive Club Member Stamps…Free! After being in the Club 11 consecutive months, with your 12th set, we will be sending you, a Stamp of the Month CLUB ONLY, LIMITED EDITION, Free Gift!!! It’s our way of saying, “Thank You!” {Months are counted starting Jan. 2011. Membership must be in good standing and consecutive for 12 months. Stamp set is automatically sent with your 12th monthly stamp set. Offer good in US, and internationally. Every 12 months, you’ll get another CLUB ONLY, LIMITED EDITION, Check out the Stamp of the Month page for all the details and sign up today!
I need to cancel my Club Membership, how do I do this?
We are sorry to see you go, but we do understand sometimes this might happen. In order to cancel your Stamp of the Month Membership,you need to contact us by the 20th of the month to cancel the shipment for the next month. We cannot make any changes after the 20th of the month.
I live outside of the US and/or Canada. Can I still order?
Yes, we ship international.
I live in Iowa, why do I have to pay sales tax?!?
Well, it’s the price you pay for living in our great state. Pink by Design is in Iowa too, and it’s what happens when you live in the same state as the company you order from.
What is the difference between Pink by Design Stamps and the clear stamps made in Asia?
Our stamps are made from yellowing resistant photopolymers and are latex free. These polymers are designed and produced for the printing industry and are meant to carry and transfer ink. This is why they stamp so well! The stamps from Asia are produced from vinyl or silicone based materials, and aren’t designed for a quality impression.
How long do photopolymer clear stamps last?
Photopolymer clear stamps can and should last a lifetime. There is no specific life span on photopolymer clear stamps, with proper use and general cleaning and care they should last as long as traditional rubber stamps.
What is the best way to clean clear stamps?
We suggest Clear Stamp Cleaner. It was specially formulated to clean and condition photopolymer clear stamps. Never soak or let any of your stamps sit in a solvent or alcohol based cleaner these can break down all types of stamps.
How do I keep my stamps sticking to the acrylic blocks?
Photopolymer clear stamps normally will stay sticky and adhere well for years to come to your blocks, if they lose their tack simply wash them with soap and water or the clear stamp cleaner.
I’m a Club Member and I forgot to login before I placed my order. Can I get a refund for the price difference?
As of 7/1/2011, if a Stamp of the Month Member places an order on our site without logging in as a Club Member, please understand that we are unable to refund the difference in price. All Stamp of the Month Members will need to LOGIN before placing items in their cart as the prices do not adjust once they are in your cart. Please make sure to log in to receive the Club price. Thanks!


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